Meet Pastor Tanner

Pastor Tanner Schulte and his beautiful wife Jessica have strong ties to the Goshen community. Both born and raised in Goshen and graduates of Goshen High School. Pastor Tanner attended Goshen Church of God prior to accepting his first pastorship at High Point Church of God before being led to Williams Corner Church of God.  He is choosing to raise his family here in the Goshen community that he loves.

Pastor Tanner, as well as the congregation, would like to invite you to worship with us. Pastor strives to minister the word of God to all and you will leave with a well-fed spirit. His love of God shines through in his sermons as well as his life. The church welcomes all with open arms, as we believe the church is for the imperfect.  All are welcome and we hope to see you soon. Prayers for all.

The Congregation of Williams Corner Church of God